Melanie Flamand

Sales Account Executive

P: (401) 434-7203

F: (401) 434-8698

C: (401) 226-0889


About Melanie

With an extensive career spanning over 38 years in the insurance industry, Melanie Flamand joined Thompson Insurance Group as a Producer in 2023. Before becoming a part of the Thompson Insurance Group team, Melanie served as the President of Flamand and Associates for 14 years and subsequently as a producer for Jefferson and Flamand for 5 years. Melanie is highly skilled in identifying the unique needs of each client to ensure they receive the best possible service. She has been an ambassador for the Central RI Chamber of Commerce for 15 years, serving on the board for 6 years. Additionally, Melanie contributed her expertise to the House of Hope in Warwick and served on the Government Affairs Committee for IIARI for over a decade. Melanie actively participates in community service and has been an Elk Member for more than 15 years. She is also a former member of the Warwick Rotary Club. Residing in Warwick, Rhode Island, Melanie shares her home with her partner, as well as a cat and a dog. In her free time Melanie enjoys playing golf and performing stand-up comedy.

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