Spring and cleaning go together like Easter and eggs, but this year, don’t stop with just cleaning. 

Spring is also an optimal time to tackle those home maintenance projects you’ve been putting off. There are many things that need to be fixed in your home – plus so many home improvement projects you want to take on, that it can be easy to get overwhelmed. That’s why we’ve compiled some tips to help you decide what to focus on. 

The must do’s of spring home maintenance

Whatever else you want to do, you need to take care of these projects first: 

man cleaning gutters

Start at the top. It’s time to survey the damage from winter. If you don’t have a ladder, you can simply do this with a pair of binoculars. Any missing or shifted shingles means you may have to hire a professional for repairs. 

Gut your gutters. Clean out any leftover leaves from the end of fall and any debris from the winter. Properly working gutters can extend the life of your roof and prevent water from backing up and causing damage in your home, which also carries the additional risk of mold building up later on. Plus, debris-filled gutters can become homes to rodents and other pets that may make their way into your house. If you have a ladder and your gutters are low enough, clean them out yourself. Otherwise, if you notice a lot of debris and you can’t safely reach it, it’s worth calling a professional.

Work around the walls. This is something you need to do regardless of whether you have wood, stucco, or brick siding. For all types of siding, look out for water stains – which could be a possible indication that your gutters aren’t properly holding back all the water from the roof. For wood siding, scan for any holes or other damage that could be inviting to pests ranging from carpenter ants to rodents.

Fix the foundation. Continue the same process with the foundation, keeping a close eye on any possible cracks. If you find any, caulking won’t do the job – you’ll need to call a foundation repair specialist to apply an epoxy. 

More than window dressing. If you were keen on saving on energy costs during the winter, you might have applied caulking or weather stripping to your windows. Now go back and check and reapply where needed to prevent any cool air from leaking out when the AC kicks on. If you’re switching out storm windows for screens, quickly scan the screens for any holes that might let in mosquitoes, flies, and other unwanted bugs. 

Time to target termites. This is also the best time to go out of your way to look for termites. A bunch of winged insects flying out of any wood work in your house is a pretty good sign of trouble. 

Beat the mosquitoes. Next, it’s time to go on the offensive against the bugs. Mosquitos should be a top priority. Do a walk-through of your property and eliminate any standing water. If it’s something like a bird bath that you want to keep, take note that it’s time to now start changing it regularly. 

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