Spring kicks-off this month, and Thompson Insurance Group would like to remind you of the importance of keeping your home in tip-top shape. Quick, easy, inexpensive – whoever thought those adjectives could apply to home improvement projects. But, they can!

To spruce up your home on a budget, check out these five ideas for projects that yield maximum results with minimal effort and cost:

  1. Paint: All you need is a can of paint to make big changes. Completely transform the mood of a room, or turn your front door into the main attraction of your porch. You can even paint a tile backsplash or turn worn vinyl flooring into something that resembles stone.
  2. Lighting: If you have lamps, you don’t necessarily need new ones — simply changing lamp shades is a great way to update a room. You also can install new overhead lighting, such as a pendant lamp, or add inexpensive LED strips underneath your kitchen cabinets. Finally, dimmer switches can cast a whole new glow on your lighting options.
  3. Furniture: You don’t need to buy new furniture to have “new” furniture. A slipcover or new upholstery can refresh a tired couch or chair. Or, if you like your pieces the way they are, why not rearrange them? That won’t cost you anything at all.
  4. Don’t forget the hardware: Do your cabinet handles look dated or worn? Replacing them will make a bigger difference than you might think. And, while you can buy new ones at a local home improvement or department store, check online auction sites or local “freecycle” groups for other interesting options. A new faucet for your bathroom or kitchen is another great update that won’t break your budget. 
  5. Take a look outside: Spruce up your porch and create an inviting atmosphere with container plants, which are easy to swap out. A new welcome mat, door-knocker or house numbers could further lend an entirely new feel to your curb appeal.

Your options are limitless, and some are even easier than you think. One of the easiest fixes of all? Clearing up clutter around the house. It might not be as much fun as these other projects, but you’ll be just as happy with the results! 

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